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Yoga in Your Chair: Space Adventure

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Take a moment to check in with yourself. Do you feel wiggly and fidgety? Is your mind buzzing? Let’s get the wiggles out of our bodies. Kathryn, our yoga guide, is going to take us on a space adventure in our chairs.

Parents and teachers, you and your kids can use this as a guide while you listen to the podcast. Or, try listening to the podcast first and going through the moves, letting your kids follow their instincts. Then, check back in here to see if their moves were correct.

Rocket breath:

We can do a rocket “count down.” You can use your hand to help us count. Let’s touch each finger as we count and fill up our breath. Breathe in 1...2...3...4...5. Now breathe out with a long, slow breath out and touch each finger on your hand 5...4...3...2...1.

Space Cat and Space Cow:

With your hands on your legs, round your shoulders and look down. Now look up and lean forward just a bit. Now come back up with a straight back. Hands on your legs, take a breath in and lift up your head. Now take a breath out and round your shoulders and look down. Then we come up to a straight back with your head up.

Space Suit:

Stretch one leg out, reach down and put your leg in the suit. Pull your hands all the way up so your suit goes on. That leg can go down. Now the other leg. Lift it up, reach down and pull the leg in the suit. Now pull your hands up. Let’s make sure our arms are in our suits, too! Reach out one arm in front of you and give it a pat from your hand all the way up to your shoulder. Now the other side. Pat your wrist, your elbow...your shoulder.

Space Boots:

Lift one knee up, reach down and put on your boot. Put it down. Lift the other knee up and put on your boot. Now we can zip up our suits! Stretch both legs out and reach up high with our arms. Take a big breath in. Now let your breath out and lean over. Can you touch your toes? Give both your legs a pat from your your knees and then we can zip up your suit in front of your tummies and moving your hands all the way up to your neck sitting up straight.

Space Helmet:

Reach up really high with both arms and then we can pull our helmets onto our heads. Ready 1-2-3.

Chair pose:

Set your feet on the floor, buckle-up, and reach your arms over your head. Let’s do our rocket ship breath! Big breath in 1...2...3...4...5 and big breath out. Now slowly lift your body off the chair just a bit. Knees bent. keep your hands up above you. Keep your knees bent and try to stay just above the chair without touching it. Keep your knees bent and your arms high! Can your hands touch over your head? Sit back down in your chair. And let your hands come down.

Seated Crescent Moon:

Lift your arms over your head. Now lean over to one side--not too far. Now come up and lean over to the other side. Back to a tall back and our arms come down.

Boat Pose:

Put your hands behind you and hold on to the chair. Float your legs up in front of you as high as they will go. Try to keep your back and legs as straight as you can.Try and hold it. Put your feet down and let go of the chair when you are ready.

Extended Side Angle:

Scoot to the front of your chair and keep your feet flat on the ground. This is a twist to try. Lean over to one side. Put your other elbow on your knee. Keep turning your body and lift up your other arm way up high. Now come back up to a tall back and arms beside you. Let’s see what happens on the other side! Remember the arm that was in the air? Take that arm and put your elbow on your other knee. Keep twisting and lift up your other arm. When you’re ready you can come back to a tall back.


Put your hands behind you on the chair again. Hold on to the chair and lift your head and chest up. You might notice that stretch in the front of your body or in your arms. Come back to a straight back. Turn your head and look over your shoulder. Now turn and look over the other shoulder.

Child’s Pose:

Lean forward so that your chest is on your legs and your head can dangle or lie on your knees. Your arms can dangle (or float) beside you.

We like to end our episodes with an affirmation. This episode’s affirmation is “I can try new things.” One of today’s new things was yoga. What other new things have you tried lately?

In this episode, we went on an outer space rocket ship. We blasted off with Rocket Ship Breath, put on our space suits, and floated around in space. We released some of that restless energy we had, and left it out in space. What are some other activities you like to do when you are feeling wiggly and restless?


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