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Tips for Kids Yoga at Home or School

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

Yoga Kids Adventures, the first yoga podcast for kids, was created to make yoga accessible to children and their families, wherever they are! Our podcast is a screen-free way for children to connect with their movements and emotions.

Make Yoga Kids Adventure a fun part of every day with these quick tips:

  • Mats are optional! No equipment is needed other than a safe space to move around! It can be in your living room, bedroom, classroom, or even outside. Adult supervision is recommended for safety.

  • Yoga can be a fun family bonding activity. Movement, mindfulness, and imaginative play by all are encouraged!

  • New to yoga? That’s okay. The poses don’t have to be Insta-perfect. We think that yoga poses are as individual as we are--when we try a yoga pose, we think it doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s.

  • Everyone should be encouraged to participate in their own way. It’s okay if kids sit and don’t move. Some kiddos need to hear and think about things for a while before they try them.

  • Other kiddos might jump right in--maybe a little too enthusiastically. Try to channel the energy on the mat or in a safe space.

  • It’s ok to pause, or just listen to part of an episode. Kiddos are pretty good about showing us when they’ve lost interest. It’s our adult opportunity to notice they’re ready to be done. We always want to end on a positive feeling, so kids want to keep coming back and experiencing more!

  • Think of favorite episodes like a favorite movie or favorite book. Kiddos love repetition, and that’s great! You might find that they like hearing a particular episode more than once. And with repetition, they might find new things they didn’t pick up on the first time. Soon, another episode might become their favorite!

  • Beware of movements that a body may not be ready for. These are offerings and suggestions. You can always skip a pose (or two, or three!)

  • Encourage mindfulness with a daily mantra. Each episode will feature a breathing exercise, a positive affirmation (or mantra), and a sequence of poses all related to the theme of the adventure. After the podcast is over, find organic moments in your kiddo’s day to reinforce the mantra.

  • Use Yoga Kids Adventure to build self-confidence and attention skills. At the end of each episode, we review what happened on our adventure and answer some questions about the adventure. It’s an easy way for kids to practice comprehension skills!

  • To learn more about the value of yoga for kids check out this excellent blog post by our partners Bliss Kid Yoga on why yoga benefits kids.


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