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Introducing Yoga Kids Adventure — A Yoga Podcast Just for Kids

Tumble Media is thrilled to announce our newest podcast: Yoga Kids Adventure! It’s the first yoga podcast made just for kids, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. Listen to the trailer on Spotify.

Yoga Kids Adventure began with a very simple idea. It was the beginning of the pandemic, and we were desperately trying to keep our kids occupied and physically active, inside. Many parents, including ourselves, turned to online kids’ yoga videos. But the screen time started adding up. Then, Sara had an epiphany: What if we made a yoga podcast for kids?

It felt like a no-brainer. As children’s education audio makers, we know that sound can bring children along on an immersive journey. Without the need to be tied to a screen, this journey can happen anywhere — at home, in the backyard, in the park, even back in the classroom. A calming voice can guide listeners through a movement adventure. Imaginative sound design can paint a picture in their imagination. Listening and creative skills can be activated, along with bodies.

With this in mind, Sara reached out to Bliss Kid Yoga, a non-profit based in Austin, Texas. Bliss Kid provides free and affordable yoga and mindfulness programs for children, families and educators, specializing in programs for underserved populations and trauma-informed yoga. They are super cool. Even better, they were super excited about making a podcast with us.

Katherine Banker, Bliss Kid’s founder and executive director, connected us with all-stars Kathryn Mercer and Erica Ortiz, who share a unique approach to kids yoga. They’re both professional speech-language pathologists, who use yoga in their speech sessions. They specialize in working with children with special needs, and trauma-informed yoga. They stirred all of this into Yoga Kids Adventure with the help of Sara and Marshall, our sound designer.

Each episode is focused around mindfulness, imaginative play, and physical activity. Young yogis will stretch out with a morning swim at the beach, and calm their bodies before bedtime in a cozy bear cave. They’ll love wiggling with wild animals on a safari and lift off from their chairs as they breathe and bend among the stars.

The practices are designed to be returned to again and again, like a favorite book or movie. We can’t wait to see the creative ways that kids, families, and teachers use Yoga Kids Adventure. It could be:

  • A way to start and end the day right

  • A tool to calm down during moments of stress or transition

  • A jumping off point for imagination, play, and movement

  • A way to incorporate yoga into family life, without reaching for a screen

Subscribe, listen, and move your body to Yoga Kids Adventure — the yoga podcast just for kids! Coming July 16.


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