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A kids’ yoga podcast for stretching your body and imagination.

Come with us and step into your next yoga adventure!

All you need is your ears, your imagination, and a safe place to move.


Yoga Kids Adventure is the first-ever yoga podcast made for kids! Host and kids’ yoga teacher Kathryn invites young yogis to join her on creative journeys through movement – no screens needed. Stretch out with a morning swim at the beach, or calm your body before bedtime in a cozy bear cave. Wiggle with wild animals on a safari or lift off from your chair as you breathe and bend among the stars. 


Return to these routines as many times as you want, and do them anywhere that you want! This podcast brings free family yoga to you in your living room, classroom, and even outdoors without being tied to a screen.


Yoga Kids Adventure is centered around mindfulness, imaginative play, and physical activity. With audio yoga adventure stories ranging from 5 to 15 minutes, it’s a way to make kids’ yoga part of your every day.

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Your Yoga Guide

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Kathryn Mercer is the host of Yoga Kids Adventure (YKA).  She is a certified kids’ yoga instructor, specializing in trauma-sensitive yoga. She volunteers with Bliss Kid Yoga, a non-profit in Austin, Texas. Kathryn combines her yoga focus on mindfulness and movement with her career as a speech-language pathologist. Her areas of specialty include autism, executive functioning, and pediatric language and speech challenges. She has dedicated much time to learning from autistic people (in her life and elsewhere) about neurodiverse experiences. These inform her instruction, clinical practice, and parenting approaches. 

Our Team

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Erica Ortiz is a writer and yoga consultant with YKA. She is a speech-language pathologist and a certified kid's yoga instructor, with training around special needs children. She also serves on the board of Bliss Kid Yoga.



Sara Robberson Lentz is your story guide. She is the executive producer and writer for YKA. She is a trained audio journalist with over a decade of experience bringing stories to life with sound. She is a co-founder of Tumble Media and an avid yoga enthusiast. 

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Marshall Escamilla is your audio guide. He is the engineer and music producer for YKA. His original composition and sound design make your yoga adventure an immersive experience. He is also a co-founder of Tumble Media. 


Bliss Kid Yoga is a trauma-informed nonprofit dedicated to nurturing community health and wellness by providing both free and affordable yoga and mindfulness programs for children, families, and educators. Bliss Kid Yoga combines yogic exercise, breathing, meditation, mindfulness, cooperative games, and art to equip children with skills and strategies to thrive.

Tumble Media partnered with Bliss Kid, to create a podcast that is intentionally designed to be invitational (and not commanding) for little yogis. The routines are full of choices in the movements and offer opportunities to participate, just listen along, and explore sensations.

Bliss Kid Yoga is based in Austin, Texas. They specialize in programs for underserved populations including children and families who are survivors of abuse, children with exceptionalities, English language learners, economically challenged families, and more.  Their mission is to empower children and families to care for themselves and others in a more mindful way, supporting the well-being of the community.

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Tumble Media is a children’s educational audio company. We have been pioneering and innovating the kids’ podcast space since 2015, beginning with the award-winning Tumble Science Podcast for Kids. Our mission is to inspire curiosity and discovery through accessible audio storytelling. 



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